5 DIY Disasters and how to avoid them

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Are you considering renovating your bathroom yourself? It may be quite simple to fix a plumbing issue quickly, but the bathroom renovations projects may become pretty overwhelming, if not a full-fledged miscalculated disaster that is avoidable. DIYs’ may be a lot cheaper but you will need adequate research and a keen eye for details if you are to pull off full bathroom renovations on your own.

AJM bathroom renovations have compiled a list of the most popular DIY disasters and how you can avoid them while doing your bathroom renovations project.

1. Trying to speed up the process

A standard bathroom renovation project takes as much as three weeks when handled by a professional bathroom renovations contractor. Not many DIY bathroom renovators fully understand why the timeline is set around this; many decide to speed up the process by doing it on their own. You should never try to speed up the bathroom renovations process but rather, conduct proper research that will consider why some installations have to take some days to cure or dry up before the next installation. Ensure you have a well-structured plan which also considers surprises that may spring up along the way.

2. Using the wrong fixtures and materials

Some DIY bathroom renovations are made by picking lower quality materials in a bid to save cost. While these may seem viable in all other areas of your home, it may work up a safety disaster shortly in your bathroom. Bear in mind that when you have bathroom renovations done, it should upgrade your bathroom to last for approximately 10 years and more.

3. Damage to water pipes

Before you take a sledgehammer to your bathroom floor or wall as a sign of beginning your bathroom renovations, there are two steps you must make.

First, turn off the water supply from the primary source and secondly, ensure you have basic plumbing knowledge about the location of your water pipes. Turning off the water will prevent a flood disaster if something goes wrong and learning the basics. It is important to ensure you do not damage your water pipes during the bathroom renovations.

4. Wrongful Installations

Are you considering swapping one fixture for the other in a bid to minimize cost in your bathroom renovations project? Consider this…When you change the toilet, it is imperative that it seats properly on the existing pipe work and drainage to avoid leaks.

5. Accessibility and safety

It is essential you have a bathroom renovations plan that does not only make your bathroom more appealing but also takes care of functionality and adequate space for navigation. You may begin with slip-resistant flooring and maybe a zero threshold shower to avoid tripping hazards. It is essential that your overall bathroom renovations plan takes care of all these fundamental concepts & lots more.

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