Are Bathroom Renovators The Same?

Bathroom Renovators In Adelaide 


No! You might see a bathroom renovator everywhere, and whilst they may all seek to deliver the same purpose, they are not the same.


Typically, bathroom renovator contractors will fix a lot of problems, install new fixtures and fittings, enhance your space and it’s functionality and ultimately redesign the appearance of your bathroom. They help with your bathroom challenges, increase the value of the house and bring about a whole new comfortable experience to your home…but only the good ones.


The bathroom renovations you need may be just a bit of work, extensive repairs or cosmetic makeover. However, you must do a careful study when picking the ideal bathroom renovator before the task ahead.


Typically, you must work with a bathroom renovator like AJM that offers to stay within your budget, meet your deadlines and give you the true essence of what you expect. Bathroom renovator companies like AJM, are not always easy to come by. Many of us undermine the importance of extensively sieving through the bathroom renovator contact lists that are out there and picking the right one for the job. We forget that the bathroom is one of the hardest working spaces in the home, hence, the need for the perfect bathroom renovator being critical. Luckily for you though you’ve found Adelaide’s leading bathroom renovator – AJM.

Generally, there are two kinds of bathroom renovator companies, the local contractors, and the fully licensed professionals.


Selecting the local Bathroom Renovator

The local bathroom renovator is similar to what we call a Jack of all trades. This contractor may be similarly referred to as the handyman and can carry out simple repairs such as a leaky faucet or a burst pipe. The problem often arises when they cannot give insights into why you keep having leaky taps. Simply put, they may not be better equipped to discern hidden damages unseen to the untrained eyes quickly.


Also, these bathroom renovator companies may have a license but probably not an extended license for all your renovation needs. For instance, they may not have the permit to install under floor plumbing. This will be easily identified if they don’t get it adequately tested by SA WATER. This is standard practice for AJM we always provide Certificate’s of Compliance.

Another issue you should consider is that many of them cannot provide “written warranties” to protect you against dangers that may arise in the future. However, these bathroom renovator contractors are usually the cheapest option, but this cheap labor can come at a steep price if your renovation takes the wrong turn. This can result in many woes of financial loss and it may not be now it might be in two years time when any issues occur.

The licensed bathroom renovator

A licensed bathroom renovator like AJM, has done due time in apprenticeship, worked the ups and downs of the field, taken exams and registered with the relevant industry associations.

The Bottom line:

When picking your ideal bathroom renovator, you should ensure you have all the points listed below covered;

  • Communication, pricing, speed, contracts, level of expertise, appropriate licenses and insurance coverage.

When you go through all of the listed points, you will find that cost really doesn’t come into play when dealing with peace of mind of getting a professional bathroom renovator just like AJM.



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