Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Your Adelaide Home

Bathroom Renovations Adelaide 


If you have been putting off the bathroom renovation in your home for a long time, now is the time to get it fixed. If you are in Adelaide, here are the best ideas for a bathroom renovation Adelaide.


Most Striking Changes to Bring in for Bathroom Renovation Adelaide

These are the fundamental ideas to keep in mind while going for bathroom renovation Adelaide today. These will depend on how big your bathroom is, and if you want to go for the renovation just for aesthetics purpose or for increasing storage space.


Bathroom storage: Go for getting wall cabinets or ledge style shelves to store things. There should be one near the shower where you can keep the soap and other such items. There should be another far away from the shower with a door to keep all the things that you aim to keep dry. Contact AJM for design tips before commencing your Adelaide bathroom renovation.



If you want the floor tiling to be functional, try to go for the textured ones or tiles in darker shades. If you want to create a sense of opulence, check out some of the designer brands selling the chic tiles in all shades. Tiles are available at all budget ranges, and they usually consume the big portion of your budget for bathroom renovation Adelaide. So, make sure that you are ready for that. It is recommended to go for the installation by the experts at AJM.

Fittings to style up:

As you go hiring AJM’s expertise for your Adelaide bathroom renovation consider using our selection process that we offer to help you select the right fittings. There are luxury sanitary ware companies selling the finest toilets, shower heads, and taps. Taps are in numerous styles and finishes that can complement the look of the bathroom in a major way. Shower heads or jets come in various designs too. Stylish and space saving fittings should be your prerogative while researching for your Adelaide bathroom renovation.

Layout change:

Consult the most reliable experts in bathroom renovation Adelaide. AJM will give you their input to help you go forward with the design. You can simply organize things well in the existing size to give a new makeover to the bathroom.

Shower and bathing area:

For bathroom renovation, Adelaide has some of the finest options available when it comes to shower screen designs. Do you wish to have a bathtub or completely do away with it to make the bathroom more spacious? Showers that are walk in or that have glass doors are a great way to get the sophisticated bathroom renovation, Adelaide look.

Light up right:

If you have a low budget range for your Bathroom renovation Adelaide make sure to get the lighting right. A wide mirror, with soft energy-efficient LED lights, can be sufficiently bright but not too jarring.

These ideas are overall very practical and suitable for those intending to draw up their own checklist for their bathroom renovation. 



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