Can I complete my bathroom renovation myself?

Bathroom Renovation Adelaide 

Having a DIY bathroom renovation does sound appealing mainly because it’s a lot cheaper, but there are factors that should be considered before getting your DIY tool kit out!

A lot of seasoned DIY individuals often don’t risk tackling a bathroom renovation project, because it requires much more than fixing a leaky pipe.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing between having a DIY project and getting the professionals complete your bathroom renovation.

Scheduled Timeline

Because bathroom renovation projects require a lot of high-end skills, doing it yourself may mean trying to figure out the manual’s instructions, a lot of research, mistakes, and then correction, all of which may take a lot of time.

A busy homeowner may have to squeeze a lot of time for up to six months to painstakingly carry out the bathroom renovation. However, when you have the right professionals, that same bathroom may be renovated in only a couple of weeks.

This is even more imperative if you have only one bathroom in your home, but a bathroom renovation contractor will whip your bathroom into a fascinating new space in efficient time, saving you the stress, cost, and burden of doing it all on your own.

Some skills WILL require a license

There are a lot of jobs that that need a licensed Bathroom Renovator before attempting the project.

The hot & cold pipe work and under floor Drainage needs to be inspected by SA Water regulators before a certificate of compliance can be provided, this requires a license which can only be provided by a professional bathroom renovation expert. The plumbing and electrical aspects of the bathroom remodeling are essential aspects that must be handled with caution. The reason for a license is the fact that it is more of a safety issue than anything else.

When AJM bathroom renovation contractors remove walls and floors, they may find active leaks or damage and therefore, are more efficient in correcting them the right way. The chances of spotting these damages may not be possible as a DIY individual.

Therefore, to ensure you and your home stays protected throughout the bathroom renovation process, it is recommended that you let a professional handle the job.

Getting the right materials and tools

Even with a lot of research, it can be quite confusing for a DIY individual to figure out the right materials and tools for the bathroom renovation. When you have the right expert bathroom renovation contractor, they will prepare an accurate list of materials, fixtures, and tools required to recreate your bathroom.

They come prepared with all the tools and, of course, the expert knowledge to get your bathroom renovation project handled seamlessly.

The correct demolition of your old bathroom

It is quite easy to believe that a demolition aspect of your bathroom renovation project requires only a sledgehammer to knock things out. There are a lot of things that must be considered.

First, you will need a leveled floor if you will want to install new tiles accurately. Secondly, some fixtures need careful removal not just for reuse but in order not to cause undue damage within your building. A professional bathroom renovation expert like AJM has the perfect experience to ensure that the demolition takes place without any unnecessary damage to your home.


Whether you are merely putting in a new toilet or going for the full bathroom remodel, getting the services of experienced bathroom renovation specialists like AJM Bathrooms is the answer to having your bathroom remodeling carried out seamlessly without room for errors of any kind.



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