DIY Bathroom Renovation Vs A Professional Bathroom Renovation

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If you are considering to do your Bathroom Renovation yourself, you might want to weigh up the pros and cons involved.

Pros of doing a Bathroom Renovation by yourself

• You will save some money on the cost of hiring a Bathroom Renovation Contractor/ Professional
• Because you do the Bathroom Renovation at your pace, there is no need for a rush and there is a lesser strain on your finances.


Cons of doing a Bathroom Renovation by yourself

Some of the reasons why you need a professional bathroom renovator like AJM Bathroom Renovation are outlined below:

1. You still utilize the saved money for hiring a professional

In doing the Bathroom Renovation, you will need some tools. As a result, you will utilize a good amount of the seemingly saved funds to furnish this cost. On the flipside, using a professional not just saves you the money for this but also your valuable time in purchasing them. Besides, what will happen to the tools you bought after you finish the Bathroom Renovation? Have you thought about that?

2. You waste a lot of time in the process
Bathroom Renovation takes quite a while even with a great contractor like AJM Bathroom Renovation. The only time you have available to do this work is on weekends and after your work hours. These times could be useful for other pressing needs.

3. You could make terrible mistakes
You cannot compare the experience of AJM Bathroom Renovation who have experience in over 675 Bathroom Renovation to someone who watched a YouTube video and tried to fix some tiles and other fixtures. The difference in the finished result will be very obvious. This can affect the resale value of your home when your bathroom isn’t in the right shape.

4. A professional renovator is aware of the unseen challenges that are alien to the DIY’er
When doing your Bathroom Renovation, there could be unseen plumbing issues, that you as a DIY’er will not expect. Because of the rich experience of Bathroom Renovation professionals, they are aware of such occurrences and prepare adequately and can act upon things immediately if required.

5. Health & Safety Implications
A licensed bathroom renovator is one that is certified for jobs like this. Employing the DIY approach exposes you to risks you might not be aware of. Why put yourself in harm’s way when there are professionals who are ready to help at pocket-friendly rates? For example have you thought of asbestos? It isn’t just in gyprock bathrooms either – it can be used as a type of insulation in solid wall properties for the pipe work.

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