How A Bathroom Renovation Can Increase the Value of Your Adelaide Property

Bathroom Renovations Adelaide


Do you know that the value of your home could be twice the amount you bought it soon? Well, according to some property websites, the value of homes in parts of Australia increased by almost 100% over just a few years.

Relax. I know you want to ask the question you have in mind. What made the home so valuable that the price could skyrocket in such an inconceivable fashion?

There are several factors that affect the value of your Adelaide home. Some of these factors are the location of the home, interest rates, current supply and demand, and the kind of neighbours surrounding the home, amongst others.

According to leading home & design websites, a great bathroom will increase the resale value of your home. By carrying out a Bathroom Renovation s Adelaide you can affect your home resale value.

According to a leading business website, Bathroom Renovations Adelaide can impact as much as about 60% returns on your home resale value. Because one has to give something to receive in return, before spending some money, it is important to know some details about Bathroom Renovations Adelaide to get the perfect bathroom for that intending buyer of the near future.

1. Are All Bathroom Renovations Adelaide The Same?

No! When selecting a Bathroom Renovator in Adelaide, it is important that you use only a licensed Bathroom Renovator. It is better to use those that have extensive experience for a better result.

2. How Do I Get The Best Bathroom Renovations Adelaide?

With over 675 Bathroom Renovations Adelaide that has been completed in the past 20 years, AJM Bathrooms will prove to be perfect for your Bathroom Renovations Adelaide. The experience is high…the delivery is always second to none.

3. What Is The Timeline For Bathroom Renovations Adelaide To Reach Completion?

Depending on the size of the Bathroom(s) and amount of creativity required, Bathroom Renovations Adelaide could take between two to four weeks. A typical Adelaide Bathroom Renovator with the necessary licenses will educate you on the different stages and why the time is worth the wait.

4. What Is The Typical Cost For Bathroom Renovations Adelaide?

A typical budget for Bathroom Renovations Adelaide can cost from $15,000 to as much as $100,000 (or more) for a single room.


5. How Do I Pick My Bathroom Renovations Adelaide Design?

The answer is easy, for a leading Bathroom Renovations Adelaide based company with years of experience AJM Bathrooms ensures that we can match your budget with a well thought out design.

Some of the awesome features that hold a buyer sway when you complete your Bathroom Renovations Adelaide are the presence of multiple sinks, good ventilation systems, a luxurious shower head, aesthetically pleasing tap ware, adequate lighting and of course adequate space.


Ultimately the first thing a buyer will decide when determining the price they would pay for your property will be… what do I need to spend to make it the house I want. By using a Bathroom Renovations Adelaide based company like AJM Bathrooms we can make the bathroom ready to go for your prospective buyer.


It’s important to remember that work undertaken which requires a license comes with a certificate of compliance which can only be given by a licensed Bathroom Renovations Adelaide based company. At AJM bathrooms we work closely with the right bodies and regulators to make sure every job ticks the boxes meaning a certificate of compliance is always given.




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