How Long Does A Bathroom Renovation Take?

Bathroom Renovations Adelaide 


As a personal space, the bathroom is often neglected when it comes to style, and most people prefer to keep it rudimentary. However, modern homeowners appreciating finer things in life often try to re-invent their bathroom with a bathroom renovation that works well with current trends. Before wondering how to start with your bathroom renovation, you will need to know that several factors decide the time to complete this work.

Factors that Decide the Time of A Bathroom Renovation


Bathroom size: Do you have a big bathroom or a small bathroom? Do you aim to do a full bathroom renovation, or just partially upgrade it? Depending on what you wish to do, you can take up the work with AJM. If it is a big bathroom and you want to renovate completely, then it will take longer than a quick re-fresh..

Cover the legalities:

You will need a builder with a license and insurance and AJM have it all. Take time to get your bathroom renovation right, and if you want to see copies of these licenses and insurances feel free to ask.

Understand the budget:

A bathroom renovation for increasing the storage space, to managing your growing family needs, or even bringing it into the 21st century needs a budget. If you have a design in mind, draw it and get an approximate value and plan the budget.

Search for the best fittings and fixtures:

Do you aim to get brand new fittings or fixtures only? Then visiting sanitary showrooms will help. Check out the brands, and the space each item will take. There are wall-mounted toilets and space-saving fixtures that are safe for the children and elderly alike available. Do not rush your bathroom renovation or cut corners take your time and the end result will be perfect!

Tiles renovation:

Do remember that whatever colour or style of tiles you select for wall and floor, will definitely impact the bathroom renovation. So, you can pick from light colored walls and floors to give the bathroom a feeling of a bigger space. You can even use dark or contrasting floor tiles or have the same colored ones to save the time of searching for more. Textured floor tiles are the best but make sure that they are easy to wash and maintain on a daily basis. Bathroom renovation can be transformed by the tiles you choose.

Other Deciding Factors for Bathroom Renovation

When you are designing your shower area, get the state-of-the-art styles with options for waterfall jets, low-speed jets or sauna jets installed in it. The option of keeping glass doors or no doors here also gives a sense of increased space. AJM can carry out your Bathroom renovation save time and keep you on budget.

AJM can handle partial makeovers in a matter of a few days only, without even leaving a mess behind! But for a full bathroom renovation you would probably be looking at 2-3 weeks from start to finish.



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