How Much Mess Can I Expect From My Adelaide Bathroom Renovation?

Bathroom Renovations In Adelaide 


If you are in Adelaide and are planning to remodel or re-vamp your bathroom, what do you do? You can hire AJM who excel in bathroom renovation, Adelaide based. But the fact is, designing and setting up in a short time would mean meticulous planning and preparation. Another aspect that homeowners worry about while remodeling bathrooms are the way it creates a mess. AJM, famous for bathroom renovation Adelaide have professionals who commit to creating the perfect bathroom whilst leaving no mess behind.

How much mess can happen during bathroom renovation Adelaide?

A lot- is the answer! From fragments of tiles and broken wall pieces to shards of glass, to even cement and other dust will be there as you go for a bathroom renovation, Adelaide. However, you need to have a few things in place to have only minimal damage during this repair work.


Do not forget to discuss with AJM your needs to hire a mobile bathroom. If you have another bathroom, then great, otherwise, hire a portable en-suite, they are a great short-term solution while your renovations take place. If someone has a dust allergy, they may need to spend some time away from home during this bathroom renovation Adelaide based work.

Where can you expect mess during the bathroom renovation Adelaide?


Bathtub replacement: If you are moving the bathtub away from the existing position and installing another one in its place, then you will get plenty of dust while going for a Adelaide bathroom renovation. From broken wall and floor tiles to peeled wall decal even cement and wood will be common.

Tiles: A mess is inevitable while breaking and removing the existing tiles, and you can expect plenty of dust if you are completely changing the wall and floor tiles altogether. Though the professional companies doing bathroom renovation, Adelaide based, will make this process as dust free as they can by using commercial extractor fans.

Glass and ceramic: If you are changing the shower or its location, or even replacing the ceramic sink, then expect some dust from these.

Water and dust from old pipes: Bathroom renovation Adelaide company AJM will take all necessary steps to ensure that your house is protected from top to bottom.


How to reduce the mess while going for bathroom renovation Adelaide?

You can start a bathroom renovation Adelaide by moving personal items out of the way from the bathroom to a safe place, like cosmetics. AJM always have an exhaust fan to decrease the dust as much as possible during the process.

AJM can help you arrange for all of your tiles, fixtures and fittings to be delivered. If you have ordered a specially designed toilet or cabinet or even tiles, AJM can inspect them on arrival. For an AJM bathroom renovation in Adelaide we will deal with the hard work and mess for you!



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