Im Stuck On My Bathroom Design, Who Can Help Me?

Bathroom Design Adelaide 


You deserve to have the ultimate sanctuary for a nice soak. It has to be within the colors and settings you desire. But getting the perfect bathroom design can be quite tricky.

It is especially more difficult when faced with many brochures showing exquisite bathroom designs that all appeal to you. To help you through selecting your ideal bathroom design, start with the following:

  • Work out your budget
  • Understand what trends you like
  • Consider the size of your bathroom
  • Light it up the right way
  • Balance your decor

Work out your budget

Before picking a lovely bathroom design, it is often wise to check your budget. Ask yourself this question: “what can I let go of to have that exquisite bathroom design I want”?


Be prepared to cash in on your conscience, but it is better to take the logical approach. What I mean is, take out a pad and outline all the fixtures you want for example bath or shower or even both?


Research the best materials for your budget, look for reviews and ask AJM for recommendations and remember to prioritize on the elements that you love the most.


The real meaning of the word “Trend”

When picking the right bathroom design, many of us become overwhelmed with staying within the trend. While this may seem logical, it isn’t!


The bathroom is one of the spots you will visit the most, especially at moments you need a burst of energy or when you wish to relax. Therefore, someone else's idea of a bathroom design may not suit you. Your view of a trend should exude comfort and efficiency. However, stay within mainstream ideas that will have a positive effect on your home resale appeal.


Consider the size of your bathroom

The necessities for your bathroom design should be laid out first before every other fixture. AJM offer a 2D and 3D plan to scale to help you visualize your space.


Your ideal bathroom design should allow for appropriate ventilation and space, AJM has specialist designers who can help with this all within the quotation stage.


Light it up the right way

Having adequate lighting is also essential to your bathroom design. Whatever lighting fixtures you prefer, it is important to illuminate all corners & minimize shadow lines. It is quite lovely to have atmospheric lighting that does not hurt the eyes but subtly dispels comfort.


Balancing your decor

The bathroom is often the smallest room than any other area in your home. It is crucial that you do not overcrowd the space with fixtures, as well as lots of different colors..


The ideal color code of your bathroom design should include at most three colors to keep the aesthetic from looking mismatched. 


Lastly, it is quite tempting to skip the design stage and pick up whatever appeals in the market. While this may seem the cheapest option, it is indeed the most costly that can give you quite the heartache and financial loss in the end. We provide this entire design service for FREE within your initial proposal. All you need to do is work out your budget.



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