Is It Better To Repair My Adelaide Bathroom Or Renovate The Entire Room?

Bathroom Renovations Adelaide 


Choosing whether to fix any issues or carry out a full bathroom renovation can be quite tricky. It is true that a bathroom renovation is a project that involves a bit of investment and time, but they are worthwhile.

While considering the amount of money involved and inconveniences that may emerge, you should also look at the fact that your bathtub is becoming outdated not just aesthetically but also regarding functionality. A bathroom renovation may indeed be the right step!


Merely fixing the area around the problem may not be the solution. You should bear in mind that there will definitely be more fixes with the plumbing, damage, and others, which will have adverse impacts on your home resale value and, of course, require more money to renovate. Why then should you simply repair your bathroom today only to repair it again tomorrow? Most people would recommend going for a complete bathroom renovation.


Bearing this in mind, we at AJM Bathrooms have decided to share with you the wholesome benefits and reasons why doing a full bathroom renovation is the better option for you.


An in-depth fix up of your bathroom

Over time, bathrooms tend to develop a lot of issues that keep popping up from time to time, taking a toll on your love for this important room. By doing a bathroom renovation, you will be able to fix up all repairs that are obvious right now and many more that may occur in the near future.


Enhanced functionality

Wouldn’t you just love having a bit more of the modern pleasures, isn’t it such a nice feeling to show your bathroom renovation off and not hide the dated one away? Think about the efficient toilets, heated towel rails and the trending elegant tap ware, all of this and more just within your bathroom. What about installing a luxurious bathtub that will warm up your whole body each time you go in for a nice relaxing soak.


A bathroom renovation doesn’t just bring you somewhere to wash; it shows off your individual style! It also makes this little room more attractive, luxurious and enjoyable.


More Space

When you have a full bathroom renovation, there is nothing more satisfying than the ample space to navigate. By doing a bathroom renovation that cramped up space can now have cabinets, storage racks, a state of the art shower or bath tub and efficient toilets but yet, it feels larger. The space gained by carrying out a bathroom renovation is exceptionally satisfying and well worth it. Sometimes changing old fashioned tiles can make the room feel instantly bigger.


A huge boost in the value of your home

An older bathroom may have its charms, but if it’s missing features you can’t improve its attractiveness and functionality. Doing a bathroom renovation doesn’t just increase its aesthetics; it also has a tremendous impact on the value of your home through the new fixtures and furnishes that come with the bathroom renovation. If you ever wish to sell your home, carrying out a bathroom renovation can boost your properties value.


The Bottom Line

Doing a bathroom renovation is not just a trend, it is a necessity, it will add substance and style to your home, making it more appealing and giving you the full treat you can only get by carrying out a bathroom renovation. Work with us at AJM Bathroom and in no time; you can appreciate just how it feels to have a luxurious hotel inspired bathroom.



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