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Working with, and using, high quality products like tiles and fixtures can make the finished bathroom renovation look truly amazing. For example, using this style of light switches that light up in the dark adding to the visual appeal of the room,yet can be functional by making it easier for young children and guests.


Attention to detail especially in the design stage of the bathroom can often make the end result outstanding. This is typified when working to maximise the best use of the space by layout and positioning of fixtures and fittings. In this bathroom a frameless shower screen opens up the room by appearing almost invisible, and thereby giving it a more spacious feel and look. The photos highlight the simple clean lines and a very open appearance. The uncluttered look is achieved with a well thought out floor plan.


The use of the sparkling glass block window, and tiled niche in the shower recess is a demonstration of using a modern design that has a practical application as well.


Choosing the curved towel bar removes the hard edge and feel of the traditional towel rail. This softens the look and balances the square lines of the shower screen and vanity. Adding the Fienza Cast Stone Basin continues to balance the hard lines, and adds a discrete and subtle level of opulence… while the custom made timber bench top gives warmth to the room by eliminatingthe colder look of a normal bench top.


The choice of colours particularly with the contrasting tiles makes the room elegant and welcoming, while the chrome trim used in the tile edging gives an extra level of detail not often considered. This is just another example of a well thought out design, and consideration for the desired feel for the finished bathroom.


This fabulous bathroom is one more example of how a great design, with the right fixtures and fittings, transforms a previously average bathroom into something truly stunning.



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