Steps Involved In A Bathroom Renovation

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So you are ready to renovate your bathroom! Congratulations on taking the first step. There are many questions in your mind right now about what it takes to get an ideal bathroom renovation. Questions like, where do you start? What do you get? What are your options? How long it would take…

At AJM Bathrooms, our experienced team of professionals is ready to discuss all of these steps with you, showing you what it takes to have a seamless bathroom renovation.

Step 1: Getting ahead of what you want

The design needed for your bathroom renovation can be carried out by our highly experienced designers, but the first process is getting a proper look at the kind of bathroom you want, you have to find answers to these questions:
Is it a master bathroom, powder bathroom or a kid’s bathroom?

  • How often will it be used and for what function?
  • How many people will use it?
  • How does the current space in it hinder your routine and what space improvements would you like to have?
  • Do you want a bathroom that is easy to clean or do you wish only to increase your home resale value?

Step 2: Research and get your budget in place

Now you have a general purpose for your ideal bathroom renovation, it’s time to bring out the calculators and estimate what you can afford. Do a little research of the cost of getting a bathroom renovation and then set up a budget. Be prepared! Your bathroom renovation may take a slightly higher price than your estimate.

Step 3: Getting the Proper design for your bathroom renovation

Pick a plan that suits your budget for your bathroom renovation. Selecting the perfect design is never easy because it takes more than merely looking at any picture. It involves finding the fixtures and adequate materials that you want. With a professional company like AJM Bathrooms, you can get the right bathroom renovation design that perfectly suits you and your budget. Call us today!


Step 4: Demolition and initial cleaning

This process involves breaking away your old & tired bathroom. All of your personal items must be removed prior to this stage, we can always help if you need large items moving. Any fixture that will be saved or reused during the bathroom renovation process is carefully removed and stored.


Step 5: Installing Plumbing

This step in the bathroom renovation involves installing and connecting pipe work & drainage.


Step 6: Electrical Works

In many older homes, the bathroom renovation process may involve changing some wiring. In newer homes, they might only be checked or changed depending on if you need an upgrade on your lighting system.


Step 7: Insulations, Drywall and Plastering

Aqua check boards are installed in wet areas & we can also insulate the walls whilst they are open. For solid brick homes they would need plastering, found more often in older homes.


Step 8: Tile Installation

This process in the bathroom renovation involves adding a stunning wall & floor finis. It is a real skill to get the right set outs and tile layouts, something we excel at!

Step 9: Installation of Plumbing and Electrical Fixtures

This stage of your bathroom renovation is what we call second fixing. It is very exciting – it’s where you see all your personal styles and items come together!


Step 10: Painting

Now for the finishing touches, your cornice, un-tiled walls, ceilings or woodwork will finish off your bathroom renovation perfectly with a coat of paint.


Step 12: Clean up and enjoy!

This step in your bathroom renovation involves the removal of debris and leftover materials from the renovation work. On every bathroom renovation we carry out we always finish off with a professional cleaner to make your bathroom squeaky clean before you enjoy it!



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