The Changing Landscape Of A Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation Adelaide 


Wow! Do you remember the kind of phones that were available say about 20 years back? That has all changed, right? With better sophistication in design and sleekness for better user experience, better tech products always steal the show. Same goes with a bathroom renovation too! There are hundreds of new ideas on the market – take advantage of them and incorporate them into your new bathroom renovation.


The first thing we do before leaving the home daily is to have sometimes a relaxing bath or a misty warm shower. With growing and evolving design trends, there is a continuous yearn for better and more outstanding types of bathroom renovation that is sought after by you. Bathrooms have evolved over the years from having that spa feel to having designs that put the Bathroom space into consideration.


Trend #1- Shower for Two

This bathroom renovation design takes into cognizance the needs of family life. If you and your spouse have busy lives you can shower together or how about the kids – when it’s awkward spacing to fit you and your child into a small shower area – make it easier by doubling up, we at AJM BATHROOMS are ready to assist with this awesome new bathroom renovation design.


Trend #2- The Burj Khalifa Styled Mirrors

Yes, a mirror is something that is imperative in a Bathroom. Recent trends have leaned towards luxuriously styled mirrors to demonstrate personal class and style. Having one a statement piece in your bathroom renovation that isn’t pocket-drenching is worthwhile.


Trend #3- Improved Tile Designs

Rapid development has caused manufacturers to ensure that they develop tiles having unique and out of this world shapes in several textures & colors for a new bathroom renovation. Stylishly designed hexagonal tiles in various colors, sizes and textures are now the look and loved by many for use in shower floors where they depict a matchless look.


Trend #4- Beautiful Wallpapers

Everyone loves something out of the ordinary for their next bathroom renovation, something that is distinct and without comparison. Wallpaper can add a great touch of style and personality to your bathroom.


Trend #5- Window Fittings

If you desire some feeling of softness in your upcoming bathroom renovation, then this trend is for you. Window fittings have a way of softening the hard marble or porcelain surfaces in your bathroom renovation.

Trend #6- Luxurious Light Fittings

To improve the beauty of the bathroom renovation, luxurious lighting like chandeliers or pendants is wanted in bathroom renovation amongst other ingenious lightning techniques. Using fixtures and some dimmers can help to create an aesthetic, luxurious and soothing feel.

Trend #7- Luxurious Systems

Recent companies have re-designed under floor heating systems making it more affordable for a modern day bathroom renovation. Would you love a soft music as you have your warm bath? Music systems are now integrated into a bathroom renovation for a pleasurable and luxurious experience.

These seven aforementioned design trends are just a tip of what is now in vogue. At AJM BATHROOMS, we know how to combine luxury with the style that is yet, pocket-friendly. Give us a call today- 08 8185 7170.



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