The Importance Of Public Liability Insurance During Your Bathroom Renovation

Most first time bathroom renovations Adelaide соmmоnlу fаіl tо соntасt thеіr hоmе іnѕurаnсе рrоvіdеr when doing bathroom renovations Adelaide. It doesn’t cross thеіr minds, аnd mоѕt don’t rеаlіzе they ѕhоuld contact their іnѕurаnсе соmраnу bеfоrе ѕtаrtіng. Even if it is just to ask the question on how you are affected.

AJM adhere to strict rules and come with our own public liability insurance of up to $20 million what bathroom renovation Adelaide contractor wouldn’t after all. A bathroom renovations Adelaide project means working with tools that can cause harm if used in the wrong manner and using materials that can damage property should they be misused.

Our public liability cover covers us if we are found to be legally responsible for personal injury to a third party or their property. As bathroom renovations Adelaide contractors we spend most of our time in customers homes, sometimes whilst they are at work. It is important to note that whilst all due care and attention is taken during the bathroom renovations Adelaide process – mistakes or accidents can occur.

Plans and risk assessments for each bathroom renovations Adelaide project are put in place and into practice which really is our first point of call for protection – however if an accident does occur we can fall onto our second line of protection which is $20 million public liability insurance.

We believe it to be a fundamental part of your bathroom renovations Adelaide project, that as well as being appropriately licensed. The chances are a company who is carrying out bathroom renovations Adelaide who does not have either of these can walk away from a situation and you as the customer get left to deal with the issues caused. They may close their business, they may not even have a professional business. It is important before carrying out your bathroom renovations Adelaide to check the contractor has adequate insurance and licenses. You can check these out on the consumer business affairs website. Check a Trade License.

After meeting with AJM for your bathroom renovations Adelaide project we send a detailed thorough fixed price proposal which also has a copy of our public liability insurance and a copy of your license to be able to undertake bathroom renovations Adelaide.
This is important to us and we are proud of this, it is all part of running a business, to not only keep your workers and your business safe but the customers who you work for. We want you to know that we have got your covered for any eventuality during your bathroom renovations Adelaide.

As a customer you have a right to ask to see the insurance certificate of currency and a license. Feel free to ask us, we love to show them off, we worked hard to get our license, we work hard to promote the name AJM Bathrooms and we work hard to provide our customers with their new sparkly bathroom renovations Adelaide.


Call us today to get your free fixed price proposal and to see our insurance and license certificates for your new bathroom renovations Adelaide.



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