What Does A Bathroom Renovation In Adelaide Cost?

Adelaide Bathroom Renovations


When considering a bathroom renovation, you will think about the time and steps. Another primary concern will be the cost of the project. A bathroom renovation in Adelaide can cost anywhere from $15,000 to as much as $80,000.


Therefore, your bathroom renovation will be uniquely different and will depend on many factors.


Size of the room:

Size difference means the number of materials needed for the bathroom renovation would be different. Also, the labour component would be different.


Age of the existing bathroom:

The age of your bathroom can make a drastic difference on your bathroom renovation budget. For instance, solid plaster walls used in older bathrooms will require a lot more labour to re plaster. Also asbestos is a big problem in most pre 1990 homes. We carry out a simple asbestos test within our costs. When the results are in we can work with you on the next steps to remove the asbestos if it is present in your home. Bear in mind that in solid homes – asbestos has been known to be used as insulation to the pipe work in the walls.


Luxury accessories:

Specific accessories such as whisper-quiet fans, free standing baths, concealed in wall toilet cisterns, under floor heating and so on may increase the cost of your bathroom renovation. Also remember that natural stone tiles need to be sealed so as not to absorb moisture – this is an extra cost component to consider.


Extensive modifications:

If you wish, for example, to install a bath in an area where it did not exist before, especially when you created an entirely new bathroom in your home, it might require a lot more materials which will affect the cost of the bathroom renovation. Some wall removal work may be required which in turn will increase the cost of your bathroom renovation too.


Licenses & Insurances:

The labour costs when you pay a qualified & insured professional to handle your bathroom renovation will naturally be more than the cost of a company who is illegally trading and not registered. These expenses are worthwhile and more importantly they give you peace of mind


Custom Made Cabinetry:

Cabinets on their own are quite expensive; more expenses may be incurred if you need customized cabinets. However, there are a lot of choices and qualities that can be tailored to fit your bathroom renovation project.

Many other factors can influence your bathroom renovation cost; it might be your area of residence or even the kind of home you live in. However, with the help of AJM, we can tailor every one of these factors to define your budget and priorities and ultimately have a perfect bathroom renovation.


We can prepare custom-made 2D & 3D plans so you can visualize the finished bathroom renovation. A bathroom renovation of your dreams is only a step away. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our lovely services, get in touch with the AJM professionals now!



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