What Impacts A Bathroom Renovation Timeline?

Bathroom Renovations In Adelaide 


Every bathroom renovation process takes on a unique approach, but it may not take as much time as you imagine to create an amazingly elegant bathroom renovation. When it comes to carrying out a bathroom renovation, many homeowners hesitate to get a bathroom renovation because they have no idea about how long it will take.

One of the questions we get a lot at AJM Bathrooms is “How long will my bathroom renovation process take?”

Our response to this is always the same: “Your bathroom renovation will occur in the following phases;

  • Choosing the design & fine tuning our quote
  • Demolition & First Fix Stage (one week)
  • Tiling Stage (one week)
  • Second fix & painting Stage (one week)

To help you maximize your time and prepare towards your new bathroom renovation, here are essential factors that will influence the timeline for your bathroom renovation.


1. Your Bathroom size and floor plan

Your bathroom size and its location are important factors that will influence the bathroom renovation process. If you have a luxurious expanse of space, expect that your bathroom renovation may take a bit more time than would have been needed for a smaller bathroom.


Also, the location of your bathroom will be quite significant, especially at the demolition stage. If your bathroom renovation takes place on the 2nd story of your property, it will need at least two applications of waterproofing to comply with Australian waterproofing standards and regulations.


2. The materials you wish to use in your new bathroom

Many materials will have considerable impacts on the amount of time that would cover for your bathroom renovation. As a general rule of thumb, materials such as ceramic and porcelain tiles can be moved, cut and installed easily. On the other hand, natural stones such as marble, limestone, travertine and many more take on a complicated installation process and will add to your bathroom renovation timeline. Keep this in mind when choosing the materials for your bathroom renovation.


3. Delay and Change of Orders

There are instances where projects might be delayed by a few days. This mainly happens when unexpected problems occur that must be fixed before the project can progress. This problem may also require that some materials be changed and may take some days to get the right materials before the project can go on. You should anticipate the unexpected which may delay this project by a few days from the original timeline.


A bathroom renovation has a tremendous impact on your home resale value, therefore, it is worth the effort to have it efficiently done at the proper pace.


At AJM Bathroom renovations, our experience and excellent customer service allow us to stand out from the rest. We are available to work you through the processes required for your bathroom renovation and keep you in the loop through the entire process. Our team of expert builders are committed and armed with an extensive planning procedure to ensure that your renovations take the smallest time possible while assuring that you receive the bathroom of your desire.



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