What To Expect When Renovating A Bathroom

Bathroom Renovations Adelaide 


Every bathroom renovation takes on a different and unique process. The purpose of the room and your objective for each little space will help determine your new bathroom.


AJM Bathrooms presents you with a standard schedule that carries out your bathroom renovation process.


Planning and Design

This phase in the bathroom renovation takes as long or as little as you need it too, but remember this is one of the most important stages. First, you will need to picture the kind of bathroom you want, research your fittings and create your budget.


The next process involves working with AJM to get the right design for your bathroom renovation. Then onto selecting the materials and having them all delivered, feel free to ask if you need assistance with the selection process or arranging deliveries. Remember, if you want a customized vanity unit or fixture it may take a bit more time.


At AJM Bathrooms, our team of professionals will work with exactly what you want from your bathroom renovation and create a bathroom renovation design that tailors your budget too.


Construction phase (2 to 3 weeks)

The construction phase of the bathroom renovation takes on a number of steps. Do note that the number of days may increase depending on the materials you chose for your bathroom renovation.

Also, the bathroom renovation timeline will depend on the location of your bathroom. For instance: if your bathroom renovation is located on the 2nd story of your building, it might take more than two days to demolish and ultimately remove some fixtures.

Day 1-3

  • Preparation of the site for the bathroom renovation
  • Floor protection
  • Dust barrier protection
  • Demolition and initial cleaning

Day 3-8

  • Altering and/or installing pipe work & drainage into walls and floor to facilitate new fixtures
  • Altering and/or installing new electrical wires to facilitate new fixtures
  • Closing up walls and floors with appropriate bathroom grade materials   

Day 8-15

  • Screeding & waterproofing to comply with Australian bathroom renovation standards
  • Tiling of walls & floors
  • Grouting & siliconing
  • Last day of tiling your custom made shower screen will be measured

Note: This process in the bathroom renovation may take a few more days if there is extensive humidity in the air. We need to allow appropriate drying times for the waterproofing and screeding.

Day 15- 17

  • Second fix all plumbing fixtures
  • Fit off all wall accessories
  • Second fix all electrical fittings
  • Priming and painting of wall/ceilings/woodwork
  • All materials & debris to be removed

Day 21   

Installation of your custom made shower screen

Day 22

AJM organize for our professional cleaner to come along and make everything squeaky clean and ready to use.

Finally - There will be dust, noise and some mess during your bathroom renovation. Also, at times it can seem like we have moved into your home. But we stand by our ability to work as best as we can to make things easier. We use industrialized exhaust fans to remove the dust – we keep all materials need and tidy and remove debris during your bathroom renovation.


Most importantly we are respectful of you, your home and any animals so hopefully that will help when having us round for those 2-3weeks.



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